Read The Green Unknown: Travels in the Khasi Hills

Green Unknown cover (JPG)

The Green Unknown was published by Westland Books, India, in 2017. It went on to be quite successful, for a while even occupying the no. 1 spot on for travel e-books.

Sadly, Westland Books has gone out of business, and the rights to The Green Unknown have reverted back to me. Since I’ve already completed a more extensive follow up (called Through the Canyons of Living Bridges), I’ve decided to make The Green Unknown available for free here. This edition is a little bit longer than the published version, with some extra illustrations.

Blurb from “The Green Unknown is about walking across the Khasi Hills of the Northeast Indian state of Meghalaya—a place of jungle canyons and thousand-foot waterfalls, where it rains more than any other inhabited place in the world, where each village has its own dialect or even its own language, and where the people grow living bridges from the roots of trees. The book is an attempt to express what it’s like trying to explore, mile by mile, village by village, valley by valley, a place that’s beautiful, complex, fascinating, and most of all, incredibly unique.”

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