City of the Shrieking Tomb

A new Horror/Fantasy novel. Coming Sept 24, 2018!

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The city of Humayunpur, long ago the capital of a powerful dynasty of Central Asian conquerors, lies all but forgotten in a dusty, overlooked, corner of South India. Within its crumbling medieval walls, vast tombs and ruined palaces tower above a dense warren of small houses and narrow streets. Once a city of tremendous wealth and influence, Humayunpur has faded into impoverished obscurity.

It’s a place with dark secrets, where the locals whisper stories of spirits, demons, and mad sorcerers.

Now, a travel photographer from abroad finds himself stranded in the lost city. All around him are the mute remains of its glorious, bloody, past. As he peels back, layer by layer, the mysteries of Humayunpur’s decline and fall, he discovers the ruins hide far more than just forgotten history. Everything that he thought he knew about the world is turned on its head.

He finds that something lives still in the ancient tombs of Humayunpur.

This is the second book by Patrick A Rogers, author of The Green Unknown: Travels in the Khasi Hills

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